NAMIBIA yesterday confirmed another Covid-19 infection. …


Namibia at 25 confirmed cases

NAMIBIA yesterday confirmed another Covid-19 infection.

The latest case involves a woman who had travelled from Cape Town, South Africa, to Namibia last week.

This brings the total number of infections in Namibia to 25, with 16 recoveries and nine active cases.

Minister of health and social services Kalumbi Shangula said the woman had travelled to Cape Town via bus at the end of March 2020 and returned by plane.

“She was placed in quarantine upon arrival. She was tested for Covid-19 and the result came out positive. This is now case number 25. She has a runny nose, but her condition is otherwise satisfactory,” said the minister, adding the case is imported.

The latest case comes just as the country goes from stage 2 to stage 3 of the lockdown exit strategy, except for the Walvis Bay local authority area, which is downgraded to a complete lockdown under stage 1.

Shangula emphasised stage 3 regulations, urging the public to always wear masks – especially in public spaces and at schools.

“Public health measures in stage 3 are considered to be adequate for preventing possible transmission of infection during face-to-face education, training settings and limited public gatherings,” he said.

Shangula said education can resume due to the surveillance in place, which is sensitive enough to detect possible hotspots.

He said the fact that Namibia only has imported cases and no local transmissions works in the country's favour to move to stage 3.

Shangula yesterday said the Romanian couple, who were the first two cases reported in the country, has now recovered from Covid-19. 

He said it has been 79 days since the couple was diagnosed.